Wednesday, July 24, 2013


"When you live in a city like Detroit, it’s not just buildings that have become ruins. It’s that a way of life, a way of thinking has died and something else has been born — a new culture, a new spirit. And I think that’s what you get in Detroit if you are able to look past the ruins. What an opportunity. What a time to be alive."

Here’s a different story about Detroit. With the recent news coverage of its declaration of bankruptcy, we travel to a city of vigor where joyful, passionate people are reimagining work, food, and the very meaning of humanity. Grace Lee Boggs, a Chinese-American philosopher and civil rights legend, is the heart and soul of this largely hidden story, which holds lessons for us all.

Good listen. Grace Lee Boggs might be my new hero: “The opportunity we now have to remaingine everything, to reimagine work, to think of it as productive not only of things, but of well-being, to think of governance in a different way, to think of education in a different way. What an opportunity, what a time to be alive. We’re not only being, but we’re non-being and becoming.”

"There’s something about people beginning to seek solutions by doing things for themselves, by deciding they are going to create new concepts of economy, new concepts of governance, new concepts of education, that they have the capacity within themselves to do that, that we have the capacity to create the world anew."

A lot of great stuff on food security, personal and community empowerment, and rethinking work, economy, and human interdependence. Makes me optimistic for the future.


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    It is good to see good news coming out of Motor City.
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    Restoration in Progress :]
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    Good listen. Grace Lee Boggs might be my new hero: “The opportunity we now have to remaingine everything, to reimagine...
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    Keep your ruin porn, Charlie LeDuff. This is the good stuff about Detroit.
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